a woman is coughing while looking at a phone | Feature | How A Cough Tracker Can Help Diagnose Symptoms

Find out more about cough tracking and how a cough tracker can be a valuable tool for individuals and healthcare professionals alike.

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Hyfe App Cough Tracker As Diagnostic Companion

What Is a Cough Tracker?

a woman is coughing and holding a phone | What Is Cough a Tracker? | How A Cough Tracker Can Help Diagnose Symptoms

A cough tracker identifies and monitors coughing. It provides cough frequency information to users and doctors.

Traditionally, tracking a cough relied on writing down when you cough. While this provides crucial information that can help diagnose and manage a condition, it’s impractical.

Manually tracking coughs allows for human error. Many people don’t notice a cough because coughing is a natural process, and coughing throughout the day is typical. At times, someone may forget their cough tracking notebook at home or be otherwise occupied and not able to take notes. Lastly, it’s impossible to monitor a cough while you sleep.

Cough tracking devices analyze sounds to identify and monitor coughing. In the past, cough trackers were large devices with a microphone that users clipped on their collars, but more recent developments include smaller devices.

One limitation of cough trackers is accuracy. Older devices often recorded coughs from people other than the patient. With some cough trackers, people still have to listen to recorded data and manually count coughs.

Fortunately, technology is advancing rapidly, which allows for better tracking.

Why Is a Cough Tracker Beneficial?

Objective cough frequency measurements may help diagnose conditions. It may also help manage chronic diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Cough tracking ensures early intervention. For example, monitoring cough frequency can indicate if a condition is worsening. By identifying changes in cough patterns sooner, doctors can change the patient’s treatment before a disease causes irreversible damage.

On a larger scale, cough trackers may help identify where and when an infectious disease breaks out. For instance, symptoms almost always appear before diagnosis. Changes in cough trends for a geographical area may indicate an infectious disease. As a result, health officials can investigate and take action before the infection spreads.

Additionally, cough patterns can help identify cough triggers. Knowing what triggers a cough enables you to avoid it, which helps reduce coughing.

Finally, some respiratory conditions cause more coughing at certain times of the day. For instance, only coughing at night could indicate gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In contrast, if coughing is worse in the morning but gets better throughout the day, you might have COPD.

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What Is Hyfe App and How Does It Work?

a phone with Hyfe App and a vector of coughing people | What Is Hyfe App and How Does It Work? | How A Cough Tracker Can Help Diagnose Symptoms

Hyfe App is a user-friendly AI model that identifies and classifies sounds. More specifically, it’s a cough tracker that users can install on their smartphones to track coughing.

Hyfe uses a form of deep learning, trained on thousands of labeled sounds. It detects and distinguishes coughs from ambients sounds and tracks them over space and time.

It’s different from other symptom trackers because it doesn’t require any special equipment. Most smartphones already use sound recognition, and therefore, it can identify coughs. Users only have to turn on the system and give permission.

Moreover, Hyfe makes data sharing easy. Doctors can track a patient’s cough without a consultation, which opens the door for remote monitoring.

Additionally, it’s an automatic cough tracker. In other words, users don’t have to write down when they cough. It also monitors coughs while you sleep without a clip-on microphone that could disrupt sleep.

Firstly, Hyfe App requires calibration. It establishes a baseline and determines how many coughs a day is typical for the user. The user can decide how they want to use the app, such as daytime, 24 hours, or manual tracking.

Next, it plots data and provides visualizations. For this reason, it gives valuable insights because it makes changes more noticeable.

Who Can Benefit From Using Hyfe App Cough Tracker?

Anyone can benefit from using Hyfe, but specific groups may find it especially beneficial.

First, Hyfe App will benefit anyone who has a chronic cough. Tracking symptoms can occupy a lot of their time, and any changes could cause stress or panic. For these patients, a visual representation puts a cough into perspective.

Hyfe App promotes peace of mind because families can monitor their loved one’s cough in real-time. Let say you have an elderly family member in a living facility or a child with asthma. You can track any spikes in coughing and get them the necessary care sooner.

Due to its remote monitoring capabilities, healthcare professionals can also benefit from Hyfe App. Remotely tracking a patient’s cough reduces the number of doctor visits. In turn, this enables doctors to provide better care because they can focus their time on where it matters most.

Hyfe also enables doctors to monitor their patients in remote areas where visits are not always an option. In particular, isolated or rural areas where healthcare resources are scarce.

Most importantly, Hyfe can assist doctors with diagnosing illnesses because it provides accurate data. For example, if a patient visits a doctor with cough symptoms, the app can provide details about when a cough started, how often it happens, and what time of day it’s worse or better. Moreover, it can help monitor how effective treatment is.

Overall, a reliable cough tracker can be a valuable diagnostic companion. It helps record cough data and gives insights through visualizations. Everyone can benefit from a cough tracker. However, Hyfe App is especially useful because it enables remote monitoring, accurate data capturing, and anyone with a smartphone can access it.

How do you think you can benefit from a cough tracker? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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