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Hyfe is an impact first initiative with the drive to create positive change for millions across the globe. We believe in diagnostics for everyone. It’s the foundation and motivation behind Hyfe. Find out everyone can benefit from Hyfe, and how it may help you.

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Real-time, Accurate Diagnostics for Everyone


Hyfe’s Core Values

a man is coughing while holding a phone | Hyfe's Core Values | Hyfe App: Diagnostics For Everyone

Respiratory disease and infections are one of the leading causes of death worldwide, killing almost 7 million people in 2017. And, it’s not only the elderly that succumb to lung disease. Respiratory infections are the number one cause of death in children under five.

It’s not a medical problem. Most of these children die of treatable diseases, such as pneumonia or influenza. The real issue is access to reliable medical services.

We believe it’s a problem Hyfe can help solve using humanity’s most advanced technology. Not only for a select few but for everyone, everywhere.

We developed Hyfe on the principle of analytics for everyone. As a result, Hyfe App has benefits for anyone, sick or healthy, and everyone in between.


Healthcare Workers

Besides being overworked, many medical professionals only have limited time to spend with each patient. For this reason, Hyfe App may help reduce the burden on healthcare systems and medical practitioners.

Remotely monitoring a patient’s cough can reduce unnecessary visits, clinicians can base their diagnosis on accurate data and save time. What’s more, doctors can rapidly intervene when a condition worsens.

At the same time, it can reduce the strain on the healthcare system, which improves the level of care. With fever visits and more efficient diagnosis and treatments, resources won’t get stretched too thin.

One day, nurses could use Hyfe to assist with giving diagnostics and the right treatment.

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Diagnostics for Everyone Without Access to Medical Services

In many countries, medical care is a privilege few can afford, and those who do have access encounter healthcare systems under severe strain. The facilities are understaffed, lack funding, equipment, and reliable diagnostic tools.

At other times, hospitals are too far away, and many people can’t reach them.

Imagine a world where coughing into a phone can tell you if you have pneumonia, TB, or the common cold. Or, instead of wasting time and money on frequent tests, your phone can show reliable data on the progression of a chronic cough.

It’s not an impossible dream. We’re working on it!

Hyfe App makes data for everyone possible. For instance, people in remote areas, without access to medical care, can monitor their cough and easily share the data with their doctor.


Hyfe App for the Healthy, Curious, or Cautious Individual

Not coughing? That’s great, but you don’t have to be sick to benefit from Hyfe.

Firstly, self-trackers and biohackers can use Hyfe for automatic cough tracking, limiting the possibility of human errors, and streamlines the process. It also enables them to track the compound effects of any lifestyle changes.

Similarly, quantifying a cough and monitoring any changes can help reassure anyone with health concerns. People no longer have to worry about the impact that pollution, the environment, and small lifestyle changes have on their health because they can see any cough patterns changes.

Anyone can educate themselves on what’s a typical cough pattern for them. Hyfe empowers the cautious and health-conscious alike by giving accurate data they control.

Moreover, Hyfe enables you to track the health of a loved one via an unbiased metric.

For example, it enables parents to monitor a child’s asthma while they’re at school or away on a camping trip. In other cases, a daughter can track the cough of an elderly parent that lives across town.

In short, Hyfe doesn’t only help those who are sick. Whether you want to be proactive about your health, look out for early signs of deterioration in an elderly relative, or learn more about your cough patterns, everyone can benefit from Hyfe.


A Tool for Everyone That Coughs

a woman wearing scarf is coughing | Diagnostics for Everyone That Coughs | Hyfe App: Diagnostics For Everyone

Hyfe App takes the guess-work out of cough symptoms for chronic and acute coughers alike. Above all, it provides shareable data. So, you don’t have to try to describe your cough, and your doctor won’t have to make a diagnosis without enough information.

Anyone with a chronic condition such as asthma or COPD knows how crucial it is to monitor a cough. Changes in cough patterns could indicate a worsening illness or pinpoint specific cough triggers.

For many chronically ill, tracking symptoms occupies much of their time. And any changes could cause stress and fear to take over their lives.

For these patients, a visual representation puts a cough into perspective. For example, someone may notice they’re coughing more than usual and panic. But by looking at their cough pattern, they may see that it was an isolated incident.

Likewise, Hyfe helps someone with an acute cough stay on top of their symptoms.

Overall, Hyfe App is diagnostics for everyone, with no exceptions. It can help reduce the burden on healthcare workers, empower individuals to be proactive about their health, and help loved ones take care of each other. Most importantly, it can give anyone, with or without access to reliable healthcare, the tools needed to help reduce unnecessary deaths from treatable illnesses.

How do you think technology can create a positive change for millions across the world? Let us know in the comment section below!

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