Hyfe App Walkthrough_ How To Use Hyfe App To Track Your Cough | Hyfe App Walkthrough: How To Use Hyfe App To Track Your Cough

Set Up and Functions

We figured there was need for a Hyfe App walkthrough. So here is a quick walkthrough of the Hyfe cough tracker app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What Is Hyfe App?

Cough is common and commonly ignored. Most people do not promptly notice when they begin to cough or when their everyday cough gets worse.

Using artificial intelligence, Hyfe tracks cough frequency and helps you identify cough trends. It helps you keep track of your health and the health of your loved ones.

When the app is running, the sound is processed through a cough detection algorithm that identifies fluctuations in volume and detects whether they are coughing or not. After detection, all sounds which are not cough-like get deleted. The number of coughs over time are tracked and get displayed on a dashboard.

Set Up the Hyfe App

After installing, it will take you through a welcome screen showing some of the features.

You then sign up via social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter) or email. Just add your name and password and click “sign up” to continue.

Your phone provider will then ask for permission to use the app to its fullest. These are privacy permissions and access to the microphone.

The app then asks for one elicited cough. Cough once, and then the app will calibrate the sound of your cough.

After that, you’re ready to start.

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Hyfe App Functions

Day, Night, or 24_7 Recording Interface | Hyfe App Walkthrough: Functions | Feature | Hyfe App Walkthrough: How To Use Hyfe App To Track Your Cough

Cough Frequency

When you go into the app, you will be able to see your cough frequency over time. Of course, when you first use the app, it will only show one cough, your practice cough when you first installed the app.

Day, Night, or 24/7 Recording

If you click on the top left, you can change options from all-day recording to just bedtime recording, for example.

You can set the time you go to sleep so that it just records your overnight cough, or you can turn off nighttime recording entirely.

However, it is advised to set your recording feature to 24/7 so that Hyfe App can best assess your cough. Sometimes our cough gets worse at night, so it makes sense to have this feature turned on.

Preferences, About & Feedback

At the bottom left of the app, you can set your preferences. For example, you can contribute location data for research purposes, or you can “use WiFi only.”

Here you will find more information about Hyfe App in the “about” section. You can also revisit the terms of use, privacy policy, research policy, and send feedback.


Another function in the bottom left location is the reports that the app will provide. The app has a reporting system that allows the user to collate the information about the cough and either keep this for personal use or share the reports with medical staff, allowing for remote medical care. This is a great feature for those who are monitoring a loved one’s cough.

Cough Accuracy

On the upper right hand, there’s a chart icon. This leads you to a list of your cough recordings that you can listen to and choose whether it’s a false negative such as picking up someone else’s cough. Options are “Not my cough” and “Not a cough.” That way, you can keep your cough diary nice and clean.

Manual Recording

Going back to preferences, you can turn off all automatic reporting and instead start a manual recording session, which you can do as long as you want. After you cough, the data will be displayed on a graph, and you can toggle between review mode and chart mode and listen to each of the coughs individually.

And that’s Hyfe App!

We hope this Hyfe App Walkthrough was helpful. Have you tried health tracking apps? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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