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Hyfe is committed to becoming a diagnostic provider to the regular person and the professional alike. As such, Hyfe customers comprise a wide variety, from the individual to the healthcare provider and researcher.

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An In-Depth Look at Hyfe Customers

Primary Market

Hyfe’s primary market focuses on consumers who need or want to monitor their cough on a continuous or regular basis.

The Worried Well

Health anxiety, previously called hypochondria, is the fear of suffering from an undiagnosed condition, and it’s at an all-time high. 

With the rise of “Dr. Google,” it’s not surprising either. The algorithms fuel the fear by listing rare and scary diseases at the top of search results. In other words, the search results can turn a headache from mild dehydration, into the fear of a brain tumor or a stroke.

Even health-conscious individuals who self-educate on health and lifestyle matters can cross-over into health anxious territory. 

The worried well anxiously books appointments with their GP to discuss their symptoms. According to estimations, healthy people take up one in four GP appointments. 

Patients who persistently need reassurance can cause a strain on resources. Furthermore, reassurance doesn’t last long, and a patient may return a few weeks later for more tests.

In many cases, quantifying a symptom and monitoring any changes can help reassure these patients. That’s where Hyfe comes in. 

Hyfe customers can educate themselves on what’s a typical cough pattern for them. It empowers the worried well and health-conscious by giving them accurate data that they can present to their physician. 

Hyfe also promotes peace of mind. Hyfe customers no longer have to worry about the impact that pollution, the environment, and small lifestyle changes have on their health because they can monitor any changes in cough patterns. 

The Quantified Self/Biohacker 

The quantified self and biohacker is data-driven and embodies self-knowledge. This group strives to optimize their health by using technology and a scientific approach.

Self-trackers and biohackers make the ideal hyfe customers. Hyfe automates cough tracking, which limits the possibility of human errors and streamlines the process. It also enables them to track the compound effects of any lifestyle changes.

Lastly, the quantified self contributes to Hyfe’s objective of collecting as many high-quality cough samples as possible. Their commitment to health tracking goes hand-in-hand with Hyfe’s commitment to reach a level of reliable cough classification.

The Chronically Ill 

Anyone with a chronic condition such as asthma or COPD knows how crucial it is to monitor a cough. Changes in cough patterns could indicate a worsening illness or pinpoint specific cough triggers.

For many chronically ill, tracking symptoms occupies much of their time. And any changes could cause stress and fear to take over their lives.

For these patients, a visual representation puts a cough into perspective. For example, someone may notice they’re are coughing more than usual and panic. But by looking at their cough pattern, they may see that it was an isolated incident.

Not only does Hyfe app take some of the guess-work out of a cough, but it also reduces the admin associated with tracking a cough. As Hyfe customers, the chronically ill don’t have to note each cough and then manually look for changes. 

Hyfe also makes it easy to share data with a care provider. 

Secondary Market

Unlike the primary markets, these secondary markets pertain to use cases where the chief Hyfe customer is not the same person as the person generating the data.

Family/Loved One

a nurse taking care of elders | Love one | Who are Hyfe's Customers? | A Look Into Hyfe's Audience

When it comes to our families and loved ones, it’s easy to overreact. Remotely monitoring the health of a loved one via an unbiased metric reduces worry.

It enables parents to monitor a child’s asthma while they’re at school or away on a camping trip. In other cases, Hyfe customers can track the cough of an elderly parent that lives across town.

Private Practitioner

Many private practitioners have limited time, and they often can’t spend enough time with each patient. Remotely monitoring a patient’s cough can reduce the number of visits. 

At the same time, it can improve the level of care because it provides accurate data. As a result, a doctor can adjust treatment sooner, if necessary.

Living Facilities

a red man in the purple background with the number on his head | Living Facilities | Who are Hyfe's Customers? | A Look Into Hyfe's Audience

We expect the best care from living facilities because we rely on them to take care of our loved ones. However, it’s not always possible for a facility to keep track of every individual’s cough all of the time.

What’s more, an infection can spread quickly amongst the residents. By the time a caregiver notices a cough, a virus may have already infected many residents.

Hyfe can help identify an infection sooner and prevent it from spreading. It can also provide residents with more individualized care.

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Tertiary Market

Similar to the secondary market, the tertiary market centers on the share feature in the Hyfe app.

Workplace Safety

Centralized air conditioning and close working quarters make an office the ideal environment for a virus to spread. Just as monitoring temperature can be helpful, monitoring coughs may quickly detect illness and prevent contagion.

In the context of COVID-19, knowing where and when coughing occurs is essential to safely re-open workplaces. 

Public Health Surveillance

Traditional health surveillance relies on hospital and laboratory logs for data. As a result, it takes a long time to recognize patterns and detect a disease outbreak. 

Additionally, many people don’t seek medical help for various reasons. 

If enough people use Hyfe, it allows for rapid outbreak detection.

It can give health practitioners access to more data, regardless of whether someone went to a doctor or not. Moreover, they can look for changes in cough over space/time for a specific population rather than sifting through individual reports. 

Research Market

The research market is an additional secondary market for Hyfe. More specifically, Hyfe 365, designed for research purposes, aims to assist in collecting cough-related data. 

Currently, Hyfe 365 forms part of clinical and operational research in Uganda. 

There are other research opportunities, and Hyfe 365 will probably be developed and managed as a stand-alone product, away from Hyfe’s core app.

Hyfe is currently the only player in acoustic syndromic surveillance. Apart from chronic illness management and outbreak monitoring, it has many benefits and applications. As a result, there are many more potential customers, and the list of customers will continue to grow. 

Who else do you think can benefit from Hyfe? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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