Respiratory Apps you might want to know

Do you think respiratory apps are important?

These smartphone applications have great potential to serve our modern healthcare systems.

Also, people find it easy to track their respiratory health with mobile apps.

Healthcare systems are growing fast and becoming more expensive. However, IT-related technologies, such as smartphones with good quality sensors and Artificial intelligence (AI), are progressing faster. Indeed, digital health is a worthy technical pursuit. 

Although mobile respiratory apps can help healthcare workers and researchers, their most significant potential is to help the patients. Moreover, they are convenient since you can use them anywhere. Hence, knowing your respiratory health is just a touch away.

Apps for the respiratory system are still hard to find. However, more will come due to trends in research and development. 

Have a look at this research article showing A Computer Application to Predict Adverse Events in the Short-Term Evolution of Patients With Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

List of Respiratory Apps

Sharing some apps available out there:

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Hyfe Respiratory App

Hyfe is an AI-assisted app. It helps monitor and track your coughs, such as frequency, hoarseness, or duration. Moreover, it can screen or monitor diseases. So, even your doctor can use the sound testing technique to help you.

Above all, Hyfe aims to be the best cough monitoring app. Therefore, to achieve such a goal, Hyfe uses algorithms to give high-quality, relevant insights.

You can use it in your room, quiet indoor places, hospital rooms, etc. 

Is your friend or a relative having a hard time due to cough issues? Do you often suffer from a cough and a cold? Do you have a chronic respiratory disorder? If yes, start using Hyfe.

Gold COPD Respiratory App

Gold COPD helps your doctor check in on you. In other words, this app will raise your clinician’s awareness about the severity of your state, speeding up the decision to treat. 

SpiroSmart Respiratory App

SpiroSmart tests your lung function. It works when you exhale a sufficient amount of air. Sensors then identify if the lungs are working normally or if they show obstruction. 

NCI QuitPal Respiratory App

NCI QuitPal inspires you to stay smoke-free by connecting you with a support network. This app also provides the user with interesting facts and tips through notifications now and then.

AsthmaMD Respiratory App

This app helps asthma patients track their triggers. Also, it focuses on tracking daily medications and activity. Finally, this app shows results as colorful graphs that users can share with their doctor.

DailyBreath Respiratory App

The DailyBreath app recommends preventive measures and tracks asthma triggers. Also, it detects environmental and weather conditions every day to alert users of risk factors.

My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

This is a motivational guide. It monitors and tracks your vaping habits. Also, it informs you of the benefits of stopping smoking, such, as saving money. This app also shares with the user the health improvements that result from quitting.

Asthmatic Respiratory App

Asthmatic calculates the quality of air. It predicts the weather around you five days in advance. Also, it advises the user to take precautions according to the weather conditions.

EPA AIRNow Respiratory App

Use this application if you have a breathing problem. In short, it checks the quality of air and informs about the most suitable time to go outside. In addition, it informs the Standard of air at present and forecasts its future values. Also, it provides tips to manage your respiratory health.

You might not be happy with any of these apps; that’s completely fine. Firstly, not everything will appeal to you. Secondly, they are part of a trend that is just beginning and needs time to become mainstream.

This intuitive research paper shares Real-time tracking of self-reported symptoms to predict potential COVID-19. 

Predictions for Respiratory Apps in the Future

Researchers strive to improve healthcare systems using cutting-edge technologies such as AI. As a result, significant advances and maybe even breakthroughs are expected in the next ten years. 

Here is an example: Health parameters monitoring by smartphone for quality of life improvement using new technologies. In the case of respiratory health, high-performing microphones and reliable algorithms will likely lead to technological disruption.

You can read this paper to learn, smartphone-based healthcare systems: A Systems Engineering Approach to Assess the Efficacy of Respiratory Monitoring Apps.

Using Mobiles to Monitor Respiratory Diseases: this article shows the potential of digital apps for health.  



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